Application approval will open floodgates to hundreds more houses

Friday, August 19, 2022

Approval of the outline planning application at Harts Farm in the autumn could open the floodgates to much more than the previously cited 310 houses, primary school and hub.

This application is about the principle of developing the green belt and approving the two access points from Little Bushey Lane.

Residents are being asked not to be fooled by the plan in the consultation document circulated to a small group of houses by Redrow's communication agency. Each area on the map is prefixed by 'potential.'

Accessible open space and land reserved for a school is a fantasy scheme - nothing else. If the Hertsmere Planning Committee approve this scheme, the detail is reserved and 600 plus dwellings could appear on the site in a further detailed application.

Little Bushey Community are hiring both planning and environmental consultants to challenge the application and will be letting you know just how you can contribute to the fighting fund.

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