Campaign for the Protection of Rural England slams Hertsmere Local Plan

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

CPRE Hertfordshire has slammed Hertsmere’s Draft Local Plan saying that its emphasis is on economic growth at the expense of nature and the environment.

In a strongly worded document, they claim that it’s abundantly clear that they have a ‘strong traditional economic growth agenda’ and that they have not given sufficient consideration to the environmental implications of using 1025 hectares of Green Belt.

The CPRE also pulls up the Council for frequently claiming that they have to provide for housing need in full, claiming it’s not true and that they have failed to take into account protected land in reducing housing targets.

The report also points out that Hertsmere has ignored central Government’s pledge to protect the Green Belt and that protecting it is not a strategic objective in the Plan. It continues to say that giving over 12% of the Borough’s Green Belt to development will have a very significant impact on its character and appearance.

Equally, say the CPRE, the Plan underestimates the expected changes in demand for town centre and out-of-town sites which can be converted to residential use.

The CPRE are now working on a more detailed technical review that they will publish in November. Their initial review can be read in full here.

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