County Council say we'll walk or cycle

Saturday, April 1, 2023

At the Planning Committee where the Harts Farm application was refused, Hertfordshire Highways officer, Alan Story, declared that all journeys under a mile would be undertaken on foot or by bike, claiming that ‘we are expecting children to travel in a manner that is appropriate.’

He also added that ‘We recognise if people continue to use cars in the same manner as the last few decades, our network won’t cope with the level of growth across the County, so we are looking to improve conditions for walking and cycling.’

To test Highways’ hypothesis, Little Bushey Community conducted a survey amongst residents in and around Little Bushey Lane. Asked whether they would use a bike an an alternative to a car journey, 83% said no; 14% said possibly; 3% said yes.

When asked whether they would use a bus as a first mode of transport, 77% said no; 16% said sometimes; 8% said yes. When asked whether they ever used the 306 bus, 76% said never; 21% said sometimes; 3% said frequently.

Given the County Council’s assertion that the 306 bus would be diverted up Little Bushey Lane, despite its unsuitability and the lack of approach to the operator, we asked whether residents would then use it. 64% said no; 22% said possibly; 15% said yes.

Those figures changed if the service was more frequent with 22% saying they would use it; 24% saying possibly; 54% saying no.

Said Little Bushey Community spokesperson, Nik Oakley: ‘The survey bears out our belief that It will require an enormous cultural shift to get people out of their cars and a huge investment in public transport. County have reduced their support for bus routes, year on year, since privatisation and we do not see a change in their strategy’

There is no doubt that the development will produce an extra 1200 cars on Little Bushey Lane and our outdoor advertising campaign is prompting drivers to think about the further implications of the congestion and urge them to object to the planning application.

To object to the application and have your objection seen by the Planning Inspectorate, download a letter here and send it to Hertsmere by Thursday 6 April. Every household member can send an objection.

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