Redrow try to circumnavigate flood issue

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Following the refusal of the Harts Farm planning application, Redrow are seeking to address the flood plain issue by submitting an alternative layout for the scheme.

As a result, the Planning Inspectorate has instructed Hertsmere to undertake a further consultation to run from Thursday 16 March until Thursday 6 April whereby residents will be able to view the revised plan and comment on it.

Said Little Bushey Community spokesperson, Nik Oakley: “We will advise residents on the grounds for any further objections in relation to the flood plain.

Little Bushey Community will not be presenting its own case, but submitting written evidence. “The chances of raising the necessary £40-£60,000 pounds for barristers in such a short period of time is unrealistic” continued Chair, Daren Nathan.

The reports commissioned from planning, transport and environmental consultants will form the backbone of LBC’s submission and the organisation is meeting with Hertsmere planners next week to discuss the appeal.

In the meantime, Redrow will seek talks with Hertfordshire County Council who are the Lead Local Flood Authority.

The appeal is listed for 3-5 May, 10-12 May and 16-19 May. Further days have been reserved for 25-26 May if needed.

The full report from the Planning Inspectorate’s case conference can be downloaded here.

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