About Little Bushey Community

Little Bushey Community is a non-party political organisation set up to protect the green belt and wildlife in the area. It aspires to improve the maintenance of Little Bushey and to enhance its character and environment.

It also seeks to prevent adverse environmental impact on the flood plain and wildlife through over development and additional pressure on local infrastructure.

Little Bushey Community was originally set up in by a small group of residents who discovered that Hertsmere Borough Council wanted to release 18 hectares of Green Belt for housing on Harts Farm fields, but soon realised that they needed to expand their remit.

Through intensive campaigning, more than 300 residents objected to the Plan for Growth proposal at the end of 2018.

In autumn 2021, Hertsmere have published their Draft Local Plan which incorporated Harts Farm and stables as well as the fields, and Little Bushey Community started the fightback to retain the Green Belt and prevent the building of 350 houses and a primary school.

There are solid grounds why this land should not be developed and these fields and wildlife will disappear for ever if action is not taken.