Local Plan

Hertsmere Borough Council Local Plan

A new draft Local Plan has been launched by Hertsmere following the disastrous one by the previous administration.

The new plan challenges the national government's demand for more than 12,000 dwellings by removing strong performing green belt sites from the plan following 18,000 objections previously.

40% less green belt will be released in the borough but just 20% less housing will be delivered during the period 2025 until 2040.

Bushey's allocation will drop from nearly 3,000 to less than 400. Development will be centred on the previously developed land at Bushey Country Club, although there are a range of small sites across Bushey and Bushey Heath.

Harts Farm has been removed as a result of the Planning Inspectorate's dismissal of the planning appeal on flood grounds. Both Compass Park in Little Bushey Lane and Heathbourne Green were deemed to be strongly performing sites after planning officers assessed every green belt site in the borough.

The consultation process on the housing and employment sites to be included runs until midday on 29 May and can be accessed here.

Every local authority has to produce Local Plan which details how and where housing, employment, leisure etc will be located.

The last plan, which should have run from 2027 until 2036 was abandoned by Hertsmere Borough Council after some the massive objections. Hertsmere believed that achieving the housing targets could only be achieved through the use of green belt land.

The previous Hertsmere administration wanted to build nearly 12,000 houses - based on out of date housing demand figures - of which Bushey was expected to supply land for a total of 2,895. 310 (down from 350) of those houses are planned for Harts Farm and the surrounding fields, with land laid aside for a primary school.