Little Bushey Community

Fighting plans to build 350 houses and a primary school on Green Belt land at Harts Farm.

A huge thank you to everyone who objected !


The Draft Local Plan consultation has ended and key stakeholders had an opportunity to submit comments.

Hertsmere are now sifting through the thousands of representations received and plan to have a further consultation in 2022.

Draft Local Plan

Hertsmere Borough Council published its plan in October amid controversy that it was impossible to respond to.

The Draft Local Plan is available to view, although the extended consultation period has now ended.

Get involved

Although the consultation period has ended, the battle to save Harts Farm is not over. If it still appears at the next stage of the Local Plan process we will be back in action.

In the meantime please follow us on Facebook and Twitter or on the website.

No to 350 houses & school

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